How are we doing?

Repeat customer here. Both Jeff and Brandon are very honest and trustworthy. They will show you what's wrong, and also what needs to be fixed now and what can wait. I will continue to take my vehicles to them for service.

Sharon C.

I use these guys for all my commercial and personal vehicles. Most Honest service you can find, they won't sell you anything you don't need! Very reasonable pricing too. I will recommend them to anyone I know.

Johnny W.

Wonderful customer service and great communication, honest and reliable. Its great to have a mechanic shop I can trust. I recommend these guys for any vehicle work that needs to be done.

Brenda C.

Both Brandon and Jeff were extremely helpful in explaining everything they were doing with my car. I didn't feel like they were trying make money off of me by telling me I needed things fixed, that's a relief for someone like myself that doesn't know the business. I have already referred them to my friends and family and will continue to do so.

Brittany W.

They were very helpful and care about their customers; they explained everything they were going to do to fix my truck, so I could understand the what and why of what they were do. It's nice to not have to worry about what's going on.

Cage D.

Jeff and Brandon are ethical business owners in an industry notorious for being unethical. You'll be in great hands with these guys!

Mandolen P.

Great shop!

Giovannie C.

Great place. These guys are honest hard working people who take care of their customers needs and treat them right.

Shawn A.

Jeff saved me at least a couple of thousand in unnecessary repairs. What I thought was going to be a huge air condition repair only cost me $150, not $1500+.... Will be taking my vehicle to Jeff and Brandon from now on.

Terri T.

My radiator fan quit on me, so I couldn't use my a/c in this heat! These guys went above and beyond to get it fixed for me! They are awesome!

Kimberly J.

Jeff is the best Mechanic I have ever had experience with. since Day 1 he has always been honest and fair with me. he has literally saved me thousands with his recommendations and truthfulness. I have used him as a mechanic for over 5yrs and I will never use another as long as he is repairing cars. I highly recommend any shop that Jeff is apart of.

Jeff S.

Great service
Good people

Cindy O.

Jeff and his crew are the only ones who touch my vehicle. Not because my vehicle is impressive or anything like that. But because Jeff is dead serious about the idea of putting customers first. Here's a few examples of interactions I've had with him:

"Here's what NEEDS to be fixed. And here's stuff that CAN be fixed, but it's probably not going to be worth the money."

"I'm gonna have you get an estimate from a transmission shop first before I see what else needs done. I CAN go ahead and fix it right now, but what happens if the transmission repair costs more than the car is worth? Then you've spent all that money on a car that couldn't be saved. So, make sure the transmission isn't too bad off, and then we'll talk about fixing everything else."

"Oh, man, that's actually really simple once you have the part. I can tell you real quick how to do it yourself or, if you're just not comfortable doing it, of course I'd be happy to take your business."

"Hey, while I was under there, I noticed this thing here was bad, so I just swapped it real quick. Took about 45 seconds, not a big deal, just wanted you to know about it........ what? Nah, man, I'm not gonna charge you extra for that. Seriously, it took no time and the part costs next to nothing. Alright, fine, if you really want you can swing by with a pizza from work or something later on, I won't fight you on that. But put your wallet away."

Time and again, Jeff has actively put the needs of the customer ahead of his own personal gain. Jeff doesn't just fix cars; he actually takes care of people. Jeff's crew are the only ones allowed to touch my vehicle because Jeff is the only one in the business who actually wants to help people, and not just make money off of them. He'd rather make his money by having people trust him enough to keep coming back.

Sean W.